Alexander Kuznetsov

Phone: +7 906 956 61 80


The only student in the team. Moved to Tomsk in 2003 and fell in love with the city. Contributed to the "Gogol avenue" project and in the meantime invented the "QR-Tomsk. Studies at the School of Journalism in TSU.

Vladimir Melnikov

Phone: +7 903 951 82 66


Postgraduate student at TSU. "Avaj" web-studio CEO. Philosophy lecturer and volunteer clean-ups initiator. One of the initiators of the "Odd people" and the "Gogol Avenue". Brings discipline to the minds.

Ekaterina Kirsanova

Phone: +7 953 925 47 87


Lecturer, art historian and projects tutor, social activist. Engineered and arranged the first tourist project "Siberian avant-garde" together with R.I. Koryagin in 1998.