Tomsk is an unexplored city even for its own residents. We've traveled its highways and byways, but we got used to it and take no notice of many things. Even if we want to know it better, we have no time. On the other side, it is difficult for non-residents - tourists, students - to find information about the city. We hope, our web-site will help you to know Tomsk better and to love it.

"QR-Tomsk. The story anew" is a project, invented by Alexander Kuznetsov and other «odd people» while their were working on the Gogol avenue.

We created one beatiful place and decided to tell the story of its creation. That's the origin of the project idead: to tell townsfolk and tourists about the sights of the city, their evolution, their past and their present. But we don't want to create another wiki, as it is sometimes difficult to comprehend. We will offer complete tours around Tomsk.

You will be able to walk around the city either virtually - on our web-site, or in real life - you'll only need a smartphone or a tablet. Read our QR-codes and get to know Tomsk.